It Starts with Elements

Getting Started

Welcome! You’ve taken your first step towards a fitter, healthier life. The first step is to take the “Elements” courses.

You don't HAVE to take our elements class before joining in class, however we strongly encourage you to get this training under your belt within the first month. 

"Elements" are a series of classes designed to help teach our new athletes about proper form/technique, to ensure they learn to move properly, efficiently, and most importantly safely!

 It is meant to be help newer athletes get familiarized with CrossFit terminology (you will find that we use lots of acronyms!), as well as provide an overview of the basic movements, and some scalable options when needed, so when you show up to class you feel confident, and ready to go!  This goes a long way in keeping you safe, healthy, and preventing injury in the gym and is a great introduction to CrossFit. This class is not something athletes may choose to "skip" unless they’ve done significant CrossFit training elsewhere.

(Note: Please make sure you created a member account in our WODTogether system - Click here:

To get started with your Elements Training, please email:

Want Private Training? 

Athletes with little to no training experience, limited mobility, or athletes who just prefer a one-on-one setting, can signup with private training at a minimum of 5 sessions. 

We even offer private classes in Spanish! 

For more information you can Contact Us to schedule one-on-one Private Training. * Rates may vary. 

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