Our coaches are why we are different, why we are the best, why you should choose CrossFit Watsonville. This is what you pay for when you walk in to a CrossFit gym, and this is what we work tirelessly to cultivate – the best and most dedicated staff around. They are the reason why you will choose to stay with us:

The coaches at CrossFit Watsonville come from a variety of backgrounds. The thing that unifies us all is a dedication to our members, and a passion for fitness and healthy living. 



I started CrossFit in 2013 with no sports or athletic background after being peer pressured by a friend. I quickly realized I was intimidated for no reason and regretted not starting earlier. I was surrounded by a wide range of encouraging members from all age groups and experience levels. My love for the sport increasingly grew after each workout.
In 2015, I received my Level 1 certificate and inundated myself in educational videos on form and mobility. Over the last few years I’ve had the ability to train at multiple boxes and the community support and acceptance always remains consistent.
I coach now to give back what was, and what is constantly given to me.
I’m passionate about helping members obtain their physical goals and destroy their self-imposed mental limitations. The best thing about our community and methodology is the ability to always improve. Strength can escalate, endurance intensify, and form can advance. I deeply believe in the transformative nature of CrossFit and stand behind the power of athletes and our community.



Hello, my name is Matt. I started CrossFit during the summer of 2006 and have been coaching since 2010. I got involved in CrossFit because I needed a program that would help me with High School sports, I needed to improve my strength, explosiveness, and overall athleticism, and quickly! Under the guidance of CrossFit coaches I put on lean muscle and excelled athletically in very little time. This early involvement in sport strength and conditioning set the tone for my lifelong pursuit of fitness. I enjoy coaching because physical fitness is such an important part of life. When people recognize this and come to the gym to improve their fitness, I want to give them the best instruction and workout environment possible so that they not only reap the benefits of a physically fit life, but enjoy their time spent working out too! I can help athletes of all levels achieve their goals by passing on what I have learned and experienced to them. Everyone starts somewhere on their fitness journey, and the more I can teach someone about how exactly their fitness will improve through CrossFit, the more buy-in they will have and the more they will improve, which is what I love to see.



Hi, my name is Pete. Like a lot of people that find CrossFit, I was very athletic and involved in sports when I was younger but then didn't make fitness a priority in my 20's. I had played soccer starting at age 6 thru High School and also played on competitive club teams here in Watsonville. When I decided to "get back in shape" I had heard about CrossFit and gave it a shot. It was everything I was looking for and more.
I started CF in 2011 in Santa Cruz but switched to CF Watsonville when it opened and have been here almost every day since day one. I also train for and have completed over 30 GORUCK endurance events and train others for these types of events thru our GORUCK Training Partner program.
I enjoy coaching other athletes and find it very rewarding when someone comes up to me after a class and thanks me for helping them in some way, whether it was a cue I gave them that helped them move better or motivating them through a tough workout and showing them that they are capable of so much more than they think.


Owner / Head Coach
Jason, (a.k.a. “J-Dog”), the original “CrossFit OG” has over 20 years experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Performance-Nutrition Consultant and a legitimate 20 years of CrossFit experience, having started with Coach Greg Glassman in the early 90′s. Jason was personally mentored by Greg “Coach” Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, and thus has a rather unique perspective of having intimately witnessed CrossFit’s evolution from the beginning, back before there ever was “”, the “CrossFit Journal”, a “CrossFit Certification”, or a “CrossFit Affiliate”. He is an “Original CrossFitter” who has spent a great deal of time studying and honing his craft an attending a multitude of seminars on mobility, weightlifting, gymnastics, nutrition
and related topics.
Jason has worked with an extensive scope of athletes and abilities. He has trained clients as young as 4 and as old as 90, ranging from those who have never worked out before in their lives, to “weekend warriors”, to pregnant women, to Professional athletes, MIL, LEO and FIRE clients who’s lives and livelihoods very much depend on their health, fitness and ability to perform under duress. He has helped clients rehab a multitude of injuries, ranging from common athletic back, knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist and elbow injuries, to patellar-femoral syndrome and hip replacement surgery, to those recovering from horrific accidents.
Jason is well known amongst the community for personally donating countless hours of his time every year to clients and athletes with special circumstances, such as “at-risk” youth, those recovering from violent car accidents, charity events raising money for families stricken with cancer, and scholarship programs for young athletes.
While Jason’s background and experience is quite broad and inclusive, his specialty is working with, mentoring, and developing serious competitive athletes in all sports and professions who are striving for athletic dominance. He has competitive clients in Junior High, High-School, D-1A Collegiate, and Professional ranks, including NFL, MLB, and MMA, as well as MIL, LEO and FIRE.
“My service and commitment to my clients is what fuels my existence. I love what I do. I am very driven to help improve the lives of my clients, not only in their sport/profession and pursuit of athletic dominance, but in their lives as a whole.” –
-Jason “J-Dogg” Highbarger


Owner / Coach
Hi my name is Patrick. I was a tech worker for ten plus years when I found CrossFit. I initially did it to get in shape so I could survive the rigors of having a newborn baby and a demanding work schedule. I continued to do it because I love it. Not only is it one of the fastest most efficient ways to get in shape, it is fun. I have always had a passion for fitness and I absolutely love watching people achieve goals. In 2012 I quit my tech job to focus on family and pursue a dream of opening up a gym. Here we are!


Owner / Coach
Hi, I’m Kami. I started CrossFit at the end of 2011 and have been coaching for the past three years.
I got involved in CrossFit because I needed a workout program that would fit into my demanding 9-5 job schedule and show results quickly. I’m not patient and I always want results quickly. CrossFit provided that. I keep coming back because everything is measurable and I love seeing the progress I made over time. The CrossFit community drives me to do better and keeps me focus. If it works, why would I stop?
I enjoy coaching because I love helping people reach their goal. In this case, their fitness goal. I know how frustrating it is to setup a goal and not achieve it. Coaching provides me an vehicle to help people. I get to understand where members run into challenges and provide an actionable program to help them get to the next step. I really get a kick when members have that “Aha!” moment.
I really enjoy breaking down movements and understanding how the human body moves. I love to answer the why question. Why should my body move that way? Why would this movement help me do xyz? As a coach, I value breaking down movements and explaining to our members what you should feel and how this exercise will help.
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